Most men have lost count of the things they’ve done that will “put hair on their chest”. Whether it’s eating hot food, showing dominance, or doing something risky, most times the chest hair comes. But what if you want to get rid of it? Well, depending on the amount that you have, you’ve got several ways to do so.

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First, shaving can leave a stubble that can hurt you or whoever is touching or hugging your bare chest. So shaving isn’t the best idea for removing hair unless you don’t have anyone who will be touching the skin any time soon.

Waxing, while obviously painful because you are ripping the hair out of your chest, won’t leave a stubble. It’s a pain you will get used too after a few tries, and it will help keep you hair free for weeks at a time. Then you can also recover from the pain of chest hair removal highlands ranch co.

However, sometimes the all or nothing chest hair approach doesn’t work. Lots of attractive people have chest hair, and the key is they have it in the correct amounts. For most men, a tiger line is the sweet spot of chest hair. It’s where men have the hair that goes down from their chest and down their body, a thin line of hair that just works.

Before making a massive decision about the amount of hair on your body, be sure to ask the people who will see you without a shirt (typically a spouse or significant other) what they like in terms of chest hair. They might like the tiger line or no hair at all. Since most guys are typically trying to look good for the romantic interests in their life, it pays to get their opinion.